Stop thinking and start building

99% of businesses die before even being born. By giving it a real chance you're are already beating the odds.

Most startups ideas fail in the “imagining phase” as I call it. This phase contains things like:

- Imagining all the super exciting, but unnecessary features your product will have.

- How you will change the world when you succeed.

- Thinking about the ways your lifestyle will improve.

- What you will do with all the time that you will have after “making it”.

Some may argue that the main reason this happens is because people can't visualise the necessary steps to achieve their goals, however, I think this line of thought doesn't even make sense. We live in the internet era, if there's something you don't know how to do, you can google it and you will find millions of examples and plans of exactly the thing you want to do. Heck, we actually live in the LLM-era, you literally have an infinite virtual assistant that will answer you instantly and give you anything you need with the knowledge of all the internet.

You want a business plan for your super-cool idea? Ask your favourite AI to give you a business plan. Wow, you now need a website? Send your design to your AI and it will literally give you a working starting point. You need to do market research to see who your competitors are? Just ask the AI for references and their strengths/weaknesses. You could already do many of these without using AI, this post isn't about that, I just wanted to make sure you understand that the reason people don't build the thing they wanna build isn't because they can't, but because they decide to stay in the “imagining phase” where your brain already feels like they've done something but they actually didn't do anything.

I believe good things happen to you when you put yourself out there, which is why I started writing this blog and also the reason why I created this link where people can donate me money to support my writings. Most people will probably see the link and won't click it, however by writing about it I put myself in a position where good things could happen to me, and… who knows? maybe someone will click.

Please do the same thing with your startup, book, SaaS, film or whatever you want to do. Put yourself in a position where good things can happen to you, leave the “imagining phase” and actually start building.

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